Sunday, 17 May 2015

Clearer skin in simple ways.

Acne, or even just the occasional spot, sucks. And sometimes it can feel like you'll never live to see the day of improvement. Everyone's skin is unique and reacts individually to different products & practices. Most of the time it is all about trial and error to find out what does or doesn't work for your own skin.

With that said and kept in mind, these are a few tips for clearer skin:

Clean your face, But don't over do it:
I talk to so many people who cannot break their acne cycle, even though they have a thorough skincare routine. But a lot of people don't understand that over-cleansing your face does much more harm than good.

I went through a stage where my face was so spotty and red that someone once asked why my chickenpox hadn't gone away. Something in my mind told me "the more I wash my face, the quicker my face will heal". Wrong Brianna, so so wrong. I would cleanse, scrub, tone, moisturise and apply spot treatment both morning and night. After months of no results, I gave up on my efforts and became lazy with my skin. Strangely enough, my face began to clear.

Using skincare products in excess dries out the skin, leaving it dry and dehydrated. Thus, the skin believes it must work harder to create natural oils. Then you know the rest.

I posted a skincare routine: here :)

Don't touch or pick your face:
Do you wash your hands after every time you open a door, shake a hand, put on your shoes or even pick up your phone? Because I'll be the first to admit that I don't and I'm assuming no one else does either.

As disgusting as it is, bacteria transfers from your fingertips as soon as they come in contact with your face. Unless you apply hand sanitiser every 5 seconds then resist the urge to touch/pick at your skin.

Take a chill pill(did you know that they actually exist?):
Acne is most likely to occur in times of excessive stress. This seems to be my biggest downfall, as I am a total stress head. When stressed, hormone levels tend to fluctuate more. Oil releases in larger amounts, worsening or initiating acne related issues.

To relieve your stress, take some time out for yourself and relax(although, that is a lot easier said than done). I find it most beneficial to read a book or blog, listen to music, watch an all time chick flick, give myself a facial or just simply put my feet up and rest. Find what works for you and regularly make the time in your life to 'de-stress'. Umm, is de-stress even a word?

One word...WATER!!!!!
You can cleanse your face as much as you'd like, but it doesn't have any benefit on the inside. Water keeps you hydrated while removing unwanted toxins in the body.

I actually have the tendency to drink much more than the recommended daily intake. But I notice an extreme difference in my skin on days where I get lazy and don't drink enough water. I begin to get those annoying little bumps on my forehead and chin when I become dehydrated. It can also create dry in patches on my face. 

Drinking an extra glass of water a day could be all you need, so it's not like I'm suggesting a task that is merely impossible to achieve. If you can't stand water on it's own, try some tea or add a lemon wedge to your glass. But ensure that you consume an adequate amount of water. I don't know how to stress this enough... Just. Drink. Water!

• • •

Hope this helps at least one person. I have a few more tips, so would you be up for a part two?

∆ Stay beautiful, Bri xx 


  1. great tips, especially water is SO important!

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts

    1. Yes it really is! So many people overlook the importance of drinking water :)

  2. I have really bad breakouts and I try so so so hard to drink a lot of water but I always fail :/ (btw i staked and added you on all your social media haha <3)

    1. My skin is quite clear at the moment, but I have had terrible breakouts in the past few months. I never use to drink water and I can honestly say that it has made such an impact. Even just a little extra a day can make the world of difference xx

      Aw thank you! I'll be sure to check out yours as well <3