About me

Who is 'The Beauty in Bri'?
My name is Brianna, but I hate being called that... So call me Bri. 

I'm a 16 year old girl with a lot of ideas to share if you are willing to listen. I live by honestly, selflessness & creativeness and believe that their is always a way to improve myself. I am a proud aunty of two beautiful girls, a daughter to a couple of inspiring role models, a sister to one amazing woman and a friend to some very special characters. I enjoy anything creative; whether it be music, art, photography, writing, fashion or beauty. So basically anything to express my personal style. 

Why 'The Beauty in Bri'?
I've been through many circumstances that have destroyed my confidence. Because of that, I lost sight of who I was and the parts of me that made me unique. I want this blog to be a discovery of my personal aesthetic qualities and individuality. So I am trying to find 'the beauty in me'. 

Aspirations for the future:
I have a couple of hopes and dreams for future. I'd like to become a primary or disability school teacher as I have a passion for working with kids(not in the creepy way haha). Something about providing children with education sparks my interest, so working with them seems like such a rewarding career. But I also want to keep my options open to further expand my occupational level if I one day choose to do so. 

A big dream (although it may be unrealistic) I've had for as long as I can remember is to publish a novel/ narrative. Writing, particularly informative and fictional, has always been such a love of mine. In fact, I was writing 500 paged stories by grade 6(12 years old). 

My story:
I think everyone has their sad stories. I've been through some challenging situations, but so has everyone else. I could write pages about the struggles I've faced with depression, anxiety, family problems and weight issues. Except I won't because my space isn't about telling my sad past experiences. My blog is a reflection of who I am today rather than who I was in my darkened days. 
I like to live by the saying "for every dark night comes a brighter day"; I've been through my dark nights, and now it's time for some bright days.

So my story you ask?
I don't know yet. I want my story to write itself as my blog progresses. In a way, I guess this blog will become my story. I hope to have you come along are write it with me xx

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