Thursday, 28 May 2015

25 Facts About Me:

Since my 'Beauty Blogger Tag' was surprisingly popular and is currently my most viewed post(click here if you would like to read that), I figured you may like some more information on me. So here you go :) btw, please don't think I'm too much of a basket case haha...

1. I'm very shy and awkward until you get to know me. Then I become a loud mouth and don't shut up.

2. I am a single pringle (#TheSingleLife) because I'm fussy and am not a fan of PDA in my own relationships. I just feel that there is a time and a place to be lovey dovey and public isn't that.

3. I have never met anyone as clumsy as me. I've never completely broken a bone, but have fractured several in stupid ways. For instance, I managed to somehow fracture my spine on a trampoline. Not that stupid, right? Oh no, I fell directly on top of the safety net, ripped it and landed on the frame of the trampoline. I obtained a fear of trampolines for a few years afterwards.

4. I have two gorgeous nieces of ages 4 and 1. They are my world x

5. I am a veggo(vegetarian) for moral reasons. I also hate when people ask why I have chosen this lifestyle.

6. I am a high achiever and sometimes push myself a little to far because of it. Anything below 100% means that I can do better.

7. I have lost a lot of weight, but am still aiming for a toned bod. A lot of people I used to know don't recognise me anymore.

8. If I were to be an animal, I would be a meerkat because they are just so adorable. No other reasons than their cuteness :P

9. Shopping is life. I can spend an entire day at the shops, then come home to browse some online stores. Is there a rehab for shopaholics?

10. I hold grudges for longer than I should(depending on the circumstance and person). I find it almost impossible to look at someone in the same if their actions have hurt me or lost my trust.

11. The future scares me. Being expected to have my whole life planned out at the age of 16 feels like way too much pressure. I want to have a guide of the direction I'm heading, but don't want to restrict my options.

12. I am a total sweet tooth. It is extremely difficult for me to resist sweets when trying to be healthy.

13. My trust is not handed out on a silver platter. My past has strained my ability to let people into my life with open arms.

14. My skin is so pale all year round that foundations and concealers are basically impossible to find in my shade. It sucks because I will hear or read about a product, only to find that the lightest shade is too dark. Total fml moments.

15. I suffer from anxiety(social phobias in particular). I find it a struggle to even eat or go to the toilet in public through my irrational fears. Public speaking has been known to cause panic attacks and I sometimes find it hard to be happy with myself because of my anxiety.

16. I love the taste of artificial orange, but cannot stand actual oranges. Is anyone else like that?

17. I strive to be a selfless person. I don't hold much kindness to myself, so I like to provide care and help to others instead. My dream death is to die to save someone else and let them live.

18. I have a slight addiction to green grapes. My mother has stopped buying them as an intervention for my obsession. I could eat a bag full everyday if I was given the chance.

19. I would be lost without music, especially in the car.

20. I don't like hugs. Before you ask why, I have no clue. I just don't :/

21. My biggest dream is to write a book. I used to write over a hundred paged narrative from the age of 11. Something about letting my imagination run free in words is one of my favourite things in the world... I doubt I'll ever get the opportunity to live out this dream though.

22. I have a strange habit when it comes to volume on the radio, TV, phone, etc. I cannot have the volume set on an odd number; it has to be even or I physically feel sick. If someone else turns the volume up or down onto an odd number, I instantly change it.

23. My natural hair is a light brown, but contains stands of black, red, blonde and brown in it. It's quite a unique colour and I regret dying it.

24. I literally cannot burp. My mother has told me that she has never heard me burp, even as a baby.

25. I started this blog as an escape from my anxiety and to feel confident in my skin. I never expected 1 reader, led alone almost 50(via bloglovin'). Even though some may not see that as much, I am shocked by this blog's success. Thank you everyone who has commented, followed or just skimmed through my content x

But enough about me... Comment any 3 things about yourself. I would love to get to know my readers!

∆ Stay beautiful, Bri xx


  1. I love that everyone is doing these :)
    I recently did one too!!
    Don't worry about planning your future, I was thorough at planning mine and now I realise I've made all the wrong choices!! It doesn't matter though there's always time to change :)

    The Everyday Life of Rachel

  2. I love these posts and I feel like we have a lot in common (pale, anxious, grape-loving, shopaholics unite!). Thank you for opening up and sharing these facts about yourself :)

    Shannon xx |

    1. Hahaha so do I. They're a great way to get to know the person behind the screen. It's awesome to see we have so much in common :)