Friday, 12 June 2015

Witch Hazel review

T.N.Dickinson's Witch Hazel Toner... I have one word for this product, hallelujah!! I can officially say that this is my new favourite skincare product.

I have been on a constant search for good skincare products for longer than I can remember. The amount of products I have read about and brought in hopes to find something that actually works, only to be disappointed would shock you. I used to use this product a couple of years ago and have no idea why I ever stopped. I think it was because I wanted to find a 'perfect' toner/cleanser but who knows. Ps, perfect products don't exist.

So anyway, lets get down to the details:

This product is so effective and works incredibly fast. I repurchased this because my face was looking absolutely terrible less than a week before a job interview and I remembered it working pretty well. I had one massive spot that I knew would take at least a week to heal. So on the first day of use, I applied the witch hazel three times- once in the morning, after school and in the evening. I woke up to find that the monster of a pimple had almost gone! Also, the small spots and annoying little bumps in my t-zone that I have never been able to get rid of were barely noticeable. Is this real life? I thought to myself.

Not only that, but it is nice to use something that doesn't make my face red raw. Having such sensitive skin makes it that much harder to find products that work and don't leave me looking like a tomato. But this leaves my usually pale face as white as a ghost rather than red. Next step is a tan :P

Now there are a couple of minor issues with this product. First of all, the smell. Let me warn you that is smells pretty gross. I can't actually describe the smell itself as it is so unique, but it's very strong and might put a lot of people off. The way I look at it though is that I can either have clear skin and put up with the smell or go back to the spotty life. The second problem I have with this product is the packaging. I noticed that it isn't leak proof... when it leaked through my bag. Note to self: take it in a different container when travelling. With that said, I still think the positives outweigh the negatives for this product.

Overall, the 'T.N.Dickinson's Witch Hazel Toner' has become a skincare staple. Of all the products I have tried, I can confidently state that this has been one of the best yet.

•Affordable- won't break your bank account
•Super effective- leaves skin feeling smooth and less spotty
•Removes makeup (I wouldn't suggest using for eyes though)
•Easy to use- pop it on a cotton pad and you're good to go
•Great for most skin types(maybe not for extremely dry as it is slightly drying)

• The smell- quite a pungent, weird scent
• The packaging- can be prone to leakage

4.5 out of 5

Have you tried witch hazel? What's your opinions on it?

∆ Stay beautiful, Bri xx


  1. Great post! I like the sound of this product!

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