Thursday, 21 May 2015

Current everyday makeup products

On an everyday basis, we all tend to stick to a selection of cosmetics. In the mornings, it's a whole
lot easier and quicker to grab the same products, apply and go do typical life things(typical life things? Do I even english?). These are the products I essentially use everyday for work and school. Enjoy :)

1. Palladio herbal foundation primer
The thing I was drawn to about this primer is that it contains more natural ingredients than other primers on the market. I'm not going to lie and rave about how much I love this product, because it's fairly standard for me. Don't get me wrong, I'll continue to use the product as it does the job. But I feel as though this primer is not for my skin type. If you have normal/dry skin, I would totally recommend this product though!

2. Covergirl TruBlend, L1 ivory
Recently discovering this foundation, it has become a total staple. Whether using a brush or a sponge, TruBlend glides effortlessly onto the skin. I love that this foundation can provide a light coverage, or can be built up to a medium to heavy coverage. Not only that, but I have found that it is quite long wearing and has a great colour section for paler tones. Cannot describe my love for this foundation enough.

3. Rimmel stay matte pressed powder
Due to my skin becoming disgustingly oily, I rely on this powder to keep my makeup matte throughout the day. And it does just that. This powder is a must have for me (clearly by the fact I have used this to death and have now hit pan). You honestly can't go wrong with it for the price as well.

4. Physicians formula Nude Wear Glowing Nude Bronzer, Light:
If you're pale like me, you will love this (there are darker shades for people who aren't ghosts as well). It is a very subtle bronzer which adds just a hint of colour. It can be used in the individual squares or as a whole, giving variety on the colours available.

5. Rimmel lasting finish soft colour blush, 170 genuine plum
am absolutely obsessed with this colour for an autumn/winter look. It provides an even and sheer colour that is not too overpowering. Not much else I can say other than it's great haha. 

6. Maybelline Colour Tattoo Eye Shadow, 70 barely branded 
Oh my gosh, the pigmentation of this eyeshadow is unbelievable! The product is basically a cream eyeshadow, which I use as a base with a matte brown from the chi chi palette in my crease. It is easiest to apply with your fingertip as it is pretty tough to use with a brush. The one thing I have to fault about this is that it can be uneven and patchy at times(noticeably when cold haha). Other than that, this is a must have in my everyday makeup routine.

7. Chi chi eyeshadow palette, classics
This is awesome for an all round basic natural palette. It involves a mixture of shimmers for the bases and mattes for the transitional colours(colour in the crease). I do tend to stick to some colours more than others though because I find a few are not as pigmented or the colours don't suit me all that well.

8. Unbranded concealer palette 
I honestly wish this had a brand on it. Due to my extremely light skin tone, I never seem to find a concealer that is suited to my tone. This palette has one colour that is perfect for me! Worst thing is that I have no idea on the brand and cannot track back to it's supplier as I had received it as a gift :( It'll be a sad day when I run out of that particular colour.

9/10. Maybelline The falsies and Colossal mascaras
I use these two mascaras in conjunction to obtain long, voluminous lashes. In my opinion, I would much prefer to use the colossal on it's own because it creates an amazing look. But I have found that it leaves me looking like a panda half way through the day. So I use the falsies over the top to prevent that. Although I must say, I am beginning to dislike the falsies as it dries way too quickly.

What products are in your everyday essentials?

∆ Stay beautiful, Bri xx

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